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photo Roberto Capobianco

Roberto Capobianco

Associate professor Associate professor

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Bio: I am a Research Scientist at Sony AI and Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering “Antonio Ruberti” (DIAG), Sapienza University of Rome. I am also a freelancer, consulting for companies and start-ups on artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. My research is focused on reinforcement learning, AI explainability, robot control and knowledge representation.

PhD Students

photo Biagio La Rosa

Biagio La Rosa

PhD Student

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Bio: I am a continuous learner looking for new concepts from different fields and domains — e.g. AI, psychology, astronomy and neuroscience. My research is focused on improving the interpretability of Deep Learning techniques, such as Recurrent Networks or Memory Augmented Neural Networks. I am deeply interested on the connection between memory, learning process and interpretability from both computational and cognitive perspectives. I have a background in computer science and Artificial Intelligence, having a M. Sc. degree in “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics” and a B. Sc. in “Computer Science”, both from the Sapienza University.

photo Elena Umili

Elena Umili

PhD Student

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Bio: I am a second-year Ph.D. student at Sapienza University of Rome, under the supervision of professors Giuseppe De Giacomo and Roberto Capobianco. I’m interested in Reinforcement Learning, Planning, and Representation Learning. In particular, my research focuses on bridging the gap between neural networks representation and symbolic logical models, to enhance knowledge transfer, generalization and explainability. I’m also a big fan of robotics applications, developed also during my studies in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Sapienza University.

photo Giulia Ciabatti

Giulia Ciabatti

PhD Student

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Bio: I am a PhD student at Sapienza, University of Rome. My interests include AI and Robotics, Aerospace Systems, and Astrophysics. My research is focused on developing techniques for interpretability and performance enhancement of Deep Learning, in particular for Deep Reinforcement Learning, by means of a Physics-Informing approach. I am especially interested in developing my research in the fields of aeronautic and space exploration systems, mobile robotics, and autonomous manned and unmanned vehicles. I have a B. Sc. in “Aerospace Engineering” and a M. Sc. Degree in “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”, both earned at Sapienza University.

photo Alessio Ragno

Alessio Ragno

PhD Student

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Bio: I am a Ph.D. student in Artificial Intelligence under the supervision of prof. Roberto Capobianco. I am interested in the application of AI to different scientific fields and I think that Explainable AI could play an essential role for this purpose. My Ph.D. project consists in developing model-specific XAI methods, using a topology-based approach, in order to identify and learn data representations able to provide human-interpretable explanations of the neural network predictions.I have an M.Sc. degree in AI & Robotics and a B.Sc. degree in Computer and Control Engineering. I have also some background in the application of AI to chemistry and drug discovery gained through abroad experience at the University of North Carolina and collaborations with the Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology Department at the Sapienza University of Rome.

Master Students

photo Isabella Claire Adriani

Isabella Claire Adriani

Master Student

photo Roberto Aureli

Roberto Aureli

Master Student

photo Francesco Cassini

Francesco Cassini

Master Student

photo Giulia Castro

Giulia Castro

Master Student

photo Francesco Chichi

Francesco Chichi

Master Student

photo David Esteban Imbajoa Ruiz

David Esteban Imbajoa Ruiz

Master Student

photo Ismagil Uzdenov

Ismagil Uzdenov

Master Student

photo Francesco Vincelli

Francesco Vincelli

Master Student

Past students

Riccardo Caprari, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Fall 2021

Roberto Gallotta, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Fall 2021

Giulia Ciabatti, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Fall 2021

Sayo Makinwa, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Summer 2021

Alessio Ragno, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Spring 2021

Dylan Savoia, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Spring 2021

Luca Santilli, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Spring 2021

Andres Fernando Arciniegas, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Spring 2021

Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde, M.Sc. in AI & Robotics, Graduation: Spring 2021